Forecast for this weekend – “Wet and Wild”

With the weather heating up, it’s the perfect time to get outside and play!  What better way to play than splashing around and spending time frolicking in the water on a hot summer day.  Hickory Hollow Campground will be hosting their annual “Wet and Wild Water Fun” event this weekend and we invite you to join in on the fun Saturday afternoon. 

Water play is a great way to cool off during summer’s hottest days, but you may be surprised to learn that it also has many amazing benefits for both children and adults.  It doesn’t matter if you are 2 or 72, water play can engage a person’s sense of fun and delight, and offers a range of benefits for physical and social development.

  1. Water Play develops hand-eye coordination.  If you follow Hickory Hollow Campground and planned ahead for this fun weekend, you will have a good opportunity to improve your sense of accuracy and control.  Just grab that Nerf Super Soaker, Stream Machine Water Cannon, Shark Water Blaster or any other bucket or container add some water, find your target, point, aim, and shoot.  
  2. Water Play improves your speed.  No matter your age, you may find yourself speeding up as you pass by campsite 58 to avoid Big Dan blasting you with a stream of water from his hose. 
  3. Water Play introduces math and scientific concepts. Kevin and Anna Mack, our craft helpers and seasonal campers, will be happy to give the kids a crash course on just how far and how fast water can flow, both up and down hill, from a hose.
  4. Water Play improves your problem-solving skills.  Jump on owner Doug’s hayride and see what resolution you can come up with to avoid getting wet as he drives through the campground and the eagerly awaiting campers armed with water hoses and buckets of cold water. 
  5. Water Play helps you appreciate music.  It may not sound like DJ Poosa’s music, but the melody will be even sweeter when you hear the kids laughing and screaming as they run around the water playground enjoying themselves.       
  6. Water Play improves your climbing skills.  When the foam machine starts up, everyone will be climbing the mountains of white foam within minutes and won’t be able to stop laughing as the mountains get bigger and bigger.   Even Dan Green won’t know how to stop the flow.
  7. Water Play improves balance and strength.  When Activity Director Abby breaks out the water balloons, get ready for some fun improving those motor skills like bobbing, bending, and throwing.
  8. Water Play offers exploration and learning opportunities.  Kids are invited to make a Jelly Fish Puppet and learn all about this sea creature during the afternoon children’s craft.  
  9. Water Play enhances communication and social skills.  Social Media has nothing on a group of campers teaming up together and joining forces to soak some of their favorite campers. 
  10. Water Play releases energy.  Water play can be an excellent outlet for pent up energy whether you are a kid or adult.  We give you permission to join in on the fun and let off some steam this weekend no matter what your age.    

So this weekend’s forecast at Hickory Hollow Campground looks like a wet and wild one, prepare to get wet and proceed with caution, squirt guns may be loaded!

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