Calling All Parrotheads!

“Everybody’s Talkin” about the benefits of outdoor camping and how much fun it is.  Whether you are the “Oldest Surfer on The Beach” or “Little Miss Magic,” camping is fun for all ages.   The seasonal campers at Hickory Hollow Campground say, “I have Found Me A Home,” at least from April til October at very affordable rates.  Maybe you are lucky enough to have reserved a beautiful campsite or rustic cabin at Hickory Hollow Campground, and if so, you probably have the RV packed and ready for a “Lovely Cruise” to Rockwood PA this weekend. “In the Shelter” of the beautiful Laurel Highlands hills and rolling meadows is the place to be when the “Natives are Restless” and you need to get away from the “Honey Do” list.

Go ahead and tell your boss you will be “Incommunicado” as you enjoy some much-needed time away from the office.  “Respect” is hard to find in the workplace because we all deal with a few too many “Fruitcakes” but you can be the “King of Somewhere Hot” when you load up the family and head to sunny Somerset County and the home of Hickory Hollow Campground.    I’m sure the family will be making a few “Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes,” as they prepare for a fun filled week and a much needed break from this “Carnival World”.   

Only “Time Will Tell” what lies ahead once you get to Hickory Hollow but we encourage you to check out the list of fun activities posted in the camp office as you start “Changing Channels” from work to play mode.  Abbie, our Activity Director will be “Knee Deep” in children’s activities so you can count your “Lucky Stars” that the kids will be in good hands and enjoying themselves. At “First Look” it may appear that “Everybody’s on the Phone” but by the end of the week “Everybody’s Talkin” about the great time they had. 

The owners of Hickory Hollow are proud to say “It’s my job” to keep the campsites easily accessible, the bathrooms clean, the pool clear and the traffic moving slowly through the grounds to ensure all our campers stay safe and enjoy their stay.   The rest of the crew will be picking up the “Slack Tide” and will never tell you “I don’t know, and I don’t care” so go ahead and ask them questions about all the cool stuff to do at the campground or around the local area.

Hickory Hollow doesn’t have a “Beach House on the Moon” but it has fresh air to help you “Breathe In, Breathe Out and Move on.”  A place where “Barefoot Children” can be seen running around enjoying dandelions “Blowin In the Wind” and little boys playing “Cowboy in The Jungle” as they run through the fields with their squirt guns.  A place where mom can get back to being “A Hula Girl at Heart” and dad can enjoy “Growing Up But Not Older.”

“Livin It Up” is easy at Hickory Hollow, so if you can’tgo to “Mexico” or “Meet Me in Memphis” than join us for some simply pleasures and try camping.  Camping is “Nothin But A Breeze” where kids won’t be “Spending Money” on a “Sunny Afternoon” because there are too many fun things to do at Hickory Hollow’s “Summerzcool”. 

Hickory Hollow Campground is sending out the “Coconut Telegraph” to invite you to our annual Jimmy Buffet Beach Party on Saturday, August 14.  We may not have the beaches of “Floridays”, but we do have “A lot to drink about” and a few “Parrotheads” who are looking forward to a “Party at The End of The World” this weekend.  Campers will ask “Where’s the Party” and are invited to join us across the road at Haunted Hollow Saturday, August 14 from 5 – 9 pm.  The concession stand will be serving up “Cheeseburgers in paradise” along with a few other tasty treats.  Local talent, Randy Meyers says “I Just Need My guitar” to entertain the folks on Saturday with my fun “Margaritaville” tunes and songs about this “Big Old Goofy World.”   A few people in the audience may be “Too drunk to Karaoke” but who cares, it’s a beach party and you “Have a license to chill.”  Whip up some refreshing “Boat Drinks” or “A Bottle of Rhum” and come enjoy the “Everlasting Moon” that seems to shine over Hickory Hollow at night as we get our “Island Fever” vibe going.


“Don’t You Know” when it closing time and the “Tiki Bar” closes down, remember “It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere” and they are still having one “Last Mango in Paris” and partying “Somewhere over China.” Hopefully our campers aren’t still pondering “If the Hokey Pokey is all It Really is about” and are ready to stop “Quietly making noise” when the clock strikes 11:00 pm, after all we are a family campground.

 “When the Coast is Clear” and the kids have gone to beddaddy may offer mommy another drink or two from the “Tin Cup Chalice” and start chanting let’s “Bring Back the Magic” or “My Lovely Lady?”

“Come Monday” after you had a chance to take in the beauty of the campground and enjoy all the cool activities that were available, meet some nice folks like “Frank and Lola” the family will “Wonder why we ever go home” because camping is so much fun at Hickory Hollow, oh the “Stories we could tell.”  

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