Make it a Red, White and Blue Kind of Weekend

Camping is a favorite tradition for America’s hard-working men and women and Hickory Hollow Campground invites you to spend the Fourth of July at our friendly campground located right in the middle of “America’s County”.  Summer is made for camping so why not take time to bask in the summer sun and celebrate the nation’s freedom.  It is estimated that approximately 20 million households are planning to camp during the upcoming fourth of July weekend according to the monthly research report put out by KOA.  Did you know that Pennsylvania is listed on the report as the third most popular state for July 4th camping, right behind California and New York? 

Hickory Hollow is kicking off the holiday weekend with some all-American favorite activities you won’t want to miss.  What’s more American than an outdoor Flea Market which will be held on Saturday, July 3 from 9-2 pm, or America’s favorite pastime, BINGO?  Our popular golf-cart/lawn chair BINGO will be held both Saturday and Sunday evenings from 6-7 around the Pavilion. Abbie, our Activity Director, has some great activities planned for the kids so stop in to the camp office and check out the schedule.  The Fourth of July wouldn’t be complete without some music and dancing so plan on joining DJ “D” Saturday night from 7-9 under the Pavilion and DJ Poosa on Sunday night.    

July 4th has been celebrated with festivities like fireworks, parades, barbecues, and family gatherings since 1776.  Just because you are away from home, and hopefully camping at Hickory Hollow Campground, doesn’t mean you can’t include a little red, white, and blue into your weekend.  If you are looking for some fireworks, the Somerset Jaycees and local sponsors invite you into Somerset on Friday, July 2nd for their wonderful explosive celebration with the fireworks set to start around 9:30 at the football field located at 645 Columbia Avenue.  If you’re planning to leave the campground and head over to Idlewild and Soak Zone in Ligonier on July 4th, they will end the day with a firework display also. 

Many times, campers will opt to have their own little sparkling celebration on the 4th by lighting up the summer evening with the crackling glow and trail of light from Sparklers.  Everyone seems to love this backyard tradition, but it’s important to take precautions and keep safety in mind when doing so.  Kids get excited when they start waving a sparkler around, but keep in mind these “little fireworks” made of chemicals and metal can reach very high temperatures causing burns to little hands and legs.  Please follow these tips for safe sparkler use while at home or the campground. 

  • Only use sparklers in open outdoor areas
  • Never hand a lighted sparkler to another person, give them an unlit sparkler and then light it in their hands and only one at a time.
  • Stand at least 6 feet apart from others when holding sparklers.
  • Be aware that sparks can ignite clothing, so avoid loose fitting clothes that could catch on fire.  Wearing closed toe shoes is best to prevent foot burns.
  • Always drop the used sparkler wire into a bucket of water to prevent burns and fires as the wires remain hot for a long time after the flame burns out.

Adopt the “sparkler safety cup” idea this summer which will help prevent those little hands from getting burned while playing with sparklers.  Take a plastic cup and poke a hole in the top which will allow the sparkler stick to be held from inside the cup thus preventing any close contact to the sparks. 

If fireworks aren’t on your itinerary, maybe a festive flick will do the trick as you relax quietly with the puppy in the RV.  Think about watching “Independence Day”, “Top Gun” “The Patriot” or “Captain America” to stay in the spirit of the holiday. 

Fireworks and sparklers certainly add a little color to our 4th celebrations, but so can your camp snacks and drinks.  For the adults who are into “firecracker cocktails,” just remember “If you drink a fifth on the fourth, you may not go fourth on the fifth”.  Here are a few easy, fun recipes that will have your campers bursting with excitement.   

Make this year memorable by counting your blessings and truly appreciating your freedom.  Hickory Hollow wishes everyone a happy fourth of July and God Bless America!

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