The Mountains Are Calling

Hickory Hollow Campground

Family camping takes a little bit of effort, but the payoff is huge.  Family camping at Hickory Hollow Campground allows you to come face-to-face with nature while offering a dynamic, ever-changing canvas for campers of all ages to explore and create memories for years to come. Over the last year, we have all experienced far too much screen time, whether you were participating in zoom meetings for work, online virtual school or just trying to stay connected through social media, you are probably ready to get in touch with nature and enjoy a digital sabbatical. You may not realize how scarce fresh air has been in your day to day life recently, but let me assure you, Hickory Hollow has enough to go around and last all summer long. 

Along with fresh air, Hickory Hollow also has a fresh new face working with us this summer.  We are proud to welcome Abbie Mack, a familiar face at the campground, as the new Activity Director.  Abbie is the daughter of seasonal campers, Kevin and Anna Mack and is looking forward to assisting with the children’s activities, crafts, and the many events being held this summer.  A certified lifeguard, Abbie is looking to creatively keep the kids engaged with some cool new activities while enhancing some of the traditional favorites for all ages. 

Memorial Day weekend kicks off with a corn-toss tournament, and the much-anticipated chain saw demonstration by Bill Schaudt Wood Creations. If you are looking for sasquatch, a friendly little black bear, eagle or even a gnome don’t miss this really cool demonstration from one of the industries best carvers.  After the demo, go ahead and fire up the grill and get those BBQ aromas filling the grounds, then get ready to try your luck with golf-cart/lawn chair bingo, a favorite from last year.  This Memorial Day, as we remember the fallen hero’s and those who fight for our freedom, remember “it takes the best in each one of us to make a better world for all of us.”

Hickory Hollow knows the importance of building strong relationships and that’s why we offer fun activities that the entire family can participate in.  Studies show that outdoor experiences make children more environmentally conscious, help them manage stress, and reduce restlessness and boredom. Spend some time exploring the beautiful mountains and lake surrounding the 75-acre campground as a family, or visit one of the many local attractions to learn more about the beautiful Laurel Highlands. Just imagine the look on your child’s face when they reel in their very first rainbow trout caught proudly on Lake Ann. Or see the gleam in their eyes when they come back to camp with some beautiful photos taken while participating in the nature scavenger hunt being held on June 12. This is a great opportunity to study bugs, learn to identify trees and flowers, sing a song while hiking, identify animal prints, and just enjoy all nature has to offer together.  Family members can all join in on the fun under the pavilion for DJ dance nights and compare your era of dance to the new generation.  DJ Poosa will be happy to play all genres of music so maybe we can get a dance off going this year.  Grandma can show us her mambo, dad his cool funk moves, and the teens the newest Tik Tok move.

One of the best and most relaxing camping activities is stargazing.  At Hickory Hollow we have the perfect environment to settle in and explore the night skies.  A clear sky, blanket, and a nice warm fire is all you need to enjoy this camp favorite.  If you are into astronomy and the celestial stars you might want to check out one of our local wineries called Vin De Matrix, located about 10 miles from the campground and inspired by the star Vindemiatrix, the third brightest star in the Virgo constellation.  The rustic tasting room is filled with some amazing photographs of the night sky along with some beautiful pottery, jewelry and prints from local artists. Schedule your individualized tasting during the week or you can pick up a bottle of their local wine Saturday mornings at the local Farmers Market located at Georgian Place in Somerset to bring back for your star gazing activity.  

When a family makes memories together, it’s an experience they will never forget. From a day or week spent exploring everything the campground and the local area has to offer, to an evening roasting s’mores around the campfire, these memories will last forever.  Hickory Hollow makes this activity easy too, just swing over to the camp store and pick up a ready made s’more kit along with any other essentials you may have forgotten.  While visiting the store, check out the new shipment of t-shirts that have just arrived.  Maybe you want to purchase one for Santa to deliver when he makes his annual visit to the campground in July. 

There are endless opportunities to reconnect with loved ones while camping, so whether you’re fishing, hiking, or teaching the kids a new skill like cooking over an open fire, adventure awaits you at Hickory Hollow Campground.  Abbie, and the entire Hickory Hollow staff are looking forward to s’more fun with you this summer!

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