Family – What It Means to Us.

With all of the current circumstances and all of the negativity that is surrounding us in the world today, I wanted to focus on a positive and important factor in all of our lives – family. As most of you probably know, we are a family owned campground, but Hickory Hollow is so much more than that. We are a family, all of us (yes that means you campers!)

I searched for the meaning of family this morning and found a lot of differing definitions and I’ve learned over the years that is the absolute truth. Family doesn’t have to mean your blood relatives (I have some of those that I don’t consider family, but that’s not the point.) I found a great explanation from another blog, which I feel fits our campground perfectly as well.

To me, the word “family” means something very specific. It means to be with people, who understand and accept you without condition. A family can be a small group or a large one, who all support one another. They will help you when you struggle and be there for you in trying times. They also know you as a person; knowing your quirks and habits and how to manage them. As a member of the family, you yourself also contribute. If someone has a problem, you would do your best to listen to understand. Give advice if they ask for it. Usually, others are kind to you if you are kind to them. Blood relatives are commonly seen as a “real family,” but people from different races, backgrounds, and beliefs can also become one. – Jeremy Chriss

Jodi Murphy, What Does Family Mean to You

Now this is just one person’s point of view, there are a few others in the blog mentioned above that give other definitions. This one really hit home for me though, especially with all the issues happening in the world around us. We have been fortunate here in our area to not be directly affected by the physical destruction occurring, but that doesn’t mean that we are not completely sheltered from it all. We are aware of what is going on, but with that being said it makes us much more close knit as a family.

People from all over the country come to stay at our little campground in Rockwood, PA. I am proud to be a part of this community that we have at the campground and I truly believe that we are exactly what a family is, based on the explanation above. Our campers are supportive and caring towards everyone then encounter. They will do anything to help others and work together when need be. We accept new people without hesitation, get to know them and show them what true friends and family really are.

I was amazed during Memorial Day Weekend at how many people just acknowledged me while I was walking around the campground and taking pictures. I know that not everyone knows who I am, so it was heartwarming when every person I passed would smile and wave. In today’s world, it is normal to be afraid while being in public, which is extremely sad. However, at our campground, I feel safe and I know our campers do too. I always see kids out playing and having a great time. Campers gather together at different sites to have dinner and enjoy the company of others. During activities, there are always people involved and working with others. It is an incredible thing to feel safe and welcomed in a community. I may be slightly biased, but Hickory Hollow is definitely my favorite.

I know this isn’t a normal blog post offering advice or fun facts, but I felt like now more than ever that I needed to focus on the large positive that is our campground. I am so proud to work at a place like this where I feel welcome and at home every time that I am here (makes it feel less like work too.)

If you want to be included in our family, then you have to come visit! We have also created a Hickory Hollow Campground Friends Facebook group for anyone who has stayed and loved being at our campground. So if that sounds like something you would like to be included in, make sure you join the group. Click here to request to join, you must answer the questions before we accept your request. This is a group to ask questions, share ideas, pictures, anything you could think of that would be useful for our campground or other campers, all we ask is that it is kept positive for others. I also share our activities and other important information there too, so make sure you check it out if you have camped with us!

I hope this brought a little happiness, joy, and peace into your lives during these times. Please feel free to comment below telling us what you think about family and/or our campground. We love hearing from you!

Thanks for reading!

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