Staying Connected during Quarantine

Even though we are to be keeping our distance (6 feet or more to be exact…), it is important to stay connected to our friends, family members, and even the campers sharing the campground with you. We know how important these people are to each of our lives, so we should be checking in on them (and hoping that they would return the favor). It is so hard not to go stircrazy at a time like this and feel alone, but you aren’t! There are tons of people out there in the same situation as you, so why shouldn’t we work together and keep each other sane?

At Hickory Hollow Campground, we are working on our activity schedule. I know, sounds crazy right? How can you plan activities that will follow guidelines of social distancing at a campground? Well that’s exactly what we are working on. Finding ways to keep our campers engaged and interacting with each other, while continuing to be safe and healthy! There are a lot of ways to communicate and interact with others, without actually being near them. So whether you’re camping or not, try out some of these ways engage with others. Then tell us what you tried and if it worked for you (or give us ideas of your own!)

  1. Group Chats/Groups (i.e. Facebook, snapchat, messages, etc.)
    Make a group chat with your closest friends or family members and make it a point to at least do a “check-in” with them once a day. It will make you feel better and make others feel cared about. This is important for everyone in order to avoid feeling so isolated at times. Set an alarm and send a little message. It doesn’t even have to be elaborate or super specific, just a “Hey, how’s everyone doing today?” message will be plenty to get the conversation started. Even if someone doesn’t feel like chatting, you still put forth the effort to make them feel important. There are also tons of great apps that have come out to play games with friends from afar like Houseparty or even on snapchat or iphones!

    A camper from Hickory Hollow made a suggestion for us to start a private Facebook group for our campers to post and talk, and I loved the idea! This group is for our campers to talk and share ideas and activities to other campers. I felt like this was such a great idea to get more of our campers talking to one another and show that we are #camperstrong during this time. I am also, personally, a member of a group called Power of Positivity which is used just for people to post positive and inspirational posts to lift each other up. These are both great environments to be engaged in and show that no one is alone right now.
  2. Facetime/Zoom
    I know some of you are craving that face-to-face connection and reading words on a screen just doesn’t do it for you. Trust me I get it! There are ways to get around that too without even leaving your home (or RV)! Anyone who has a smartphone has the capability of using video calls or facetime. There is also this great meeting tool that I’ve used personally (and have seen/heard about lots of others using it too!) that gives you the opportunity to see, chat (written or verbally), and screen share too! There are probably tons of other great uses, but these sold it for me when I used it. If you haven’t used Zoom yet, you’re missing out! (Skype is also a very similar platform.) Sometimes it’s nice to see a smiling familiar face, so I promise you won’t regret doing this with someone you care about and they will appreciate it too. Houseparty works like this as well!
  3. Movie Streaming
    This is something that I am excited to try at the campground. There is this great app called Netflix Party which allows multiple people to watch the same movie together wherever they may be. So talk to a group of your friends, pick a movie, get your favorite quarantine snacks and watch your favorite movie together! It even includes a group chat, so you can talk to your friends while watching the movie. I seriously cannot wait to try this as an activity at the campground since our movie nights were such a hit last year!
  4. Letter Writing
    I know this sounds old-fashioned, but this is such a simple and sentimental way to reach out to others during our social distancing. Find some fancy paper (or really any paper will do), use your neatest handwriting, and write a letter to someone you know! I love this idea for the campground, especially since we are in walking distance of one another (if you aren’t at a campground do this for your neighbors!) People will appreciate the thought and effort you put into a letter and it can be saved as a keepsake – I’m a sucker for memory boxes.

    If you are concerned about spreading germs this way, please be informed that porous materials, such as paper, only holds the contaminates for about 24 hours, so if you are concerned you can leave your mail “quarantined” for that amount of time and you will be good to go!

These are just a few ideas for you to stay connected with others while continuing to social distance! There are so many different activities that people are creating to help everyone during this time, you just have to figure out what you want to do! If you have any other ideas, leave a comment below.

We will be doing videos on our Youtube Channel with different crafts and activities, who knows maybe your thoughts and ideas will end up there too! Make sure you’re subscribed and following our socials for Hickory Hollow Campground (buttons at the top of this page).

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