Social Distancing in the Great Outdoors!

As each of us try to find our way during these uncertain times, it is nice to think that the great outdoors is still available to us (depending on your circumstance it may be easier for some than others, but there are always options!) I hope this post can bring some ease to anyone willing to get out there and enjoy everything that the great outdoors still has to offer.

Before I get into any tips for social distancing, there are some precautions you should take prior to venturing outside. Please be sure to follow any official guidelines put in place by the CDC, and your state officials. Some of the general rules are staying at least 6 feet apart from others, avoiding large groups (10+), wash your hands regularly or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer, if you do not have access to running water. We want everyone to have a good time, but stay safe and healthy in the process!

Tip #1 Avoid areas that are popular
Try going somewhere near home (if possible) that is not largely populated. A lot of State parks have a large amount of trails which is great, however during this time a lot of people tend to flock to those areas. Try finding a less taken trail if you plan on going to a park. If this is not an option for you, hang out in your backyard or any wooded area near your home (be sure to be prepared for bugs though! especially ticks!!!) If you don’t have a backyard or a wooded area nearby, just take a walk around your block. The fresh air and scenery will do wonders for your mood!

Tip #2 Limit what you touch
If you are out an about, avoid making any unnecessary stops. If you need to stop somewhere make sure you take the time to wash your hands regularly. Try to avoid going to any stores or anywhere that could be populated with people (much like tip #1).

Tip #3 Stick with your immediate family
The best people for you to hang out with right now are those who are within your household. For their safety, as well as others it is better to limit being with people outside of your home. This is the best time to find things to do with the people in your home that you don’t normally get to do. Plan a picnic in your backyard or go on a scavenger hunt. As long as you are following guidelines, you can do all kinds of activities with your family. This is a much safer option for you and your family.

Tip #4 Be Aware
Make sure you are staying up to date with any closures or regulations being put into place. Do you research first. There may be areas near you perfect for getting out and social distancing, but please be considerate of others who may be doing the same. Check into some of your favorite places to see if they have any options for you to do without putting yourself or anyone else at risk.

Tip #5 Plan ahead
If you don’t have the option of getting outside, this is the perfect opportunity for you to plan your next vacation. Do some research and look into areas you have always wanted to go and see. You may even have some virtual options to check out that give you a lot of information or that let you tour the area you’re interested in. You may not be able to reserve places and activities, but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead so that your future endeavors can be perfect and fun for everyone!

Now I understand that not all of these are possible for every person, but even if one person gets anything out of this it is a plus. The most important fact is that everyone is healthy and safe during this time. We hope that the circumstances get resolved sooner rather than later, but we never know what the future may hold.

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