5 Summer Kick-off Safety Tips

Lake at Hickory Hollow Campground

With summer being, literally, right around the corner, everyone has a lot of fun things planned outdoors. There’s lots to do at the campground too, however, we want our campers and friends to be safe while they are out and about frolicking in the sun (or rain in our case most days). So I have prepared a list of some good summer safety tips that can be used while camping at Hickory Hollow Campground, or well, pretty much anywhere else for that matter.

So let’s kick off summer with some safety tips!

Hickory Hollow Campground – photo from camper

#1 Know your surroundings – it’s important to know what is going on around you, especially when you’re outdoors. Look around for landmarks or familiar areas to avoid getting lost. Also know where shelter and help is located at a campground. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry!

#2 Avoid wild animals – I know, I know, I’m one of the worst people for this because they all just look so cute and cuddly!!! But don’t let that you fool you. I love animals, but wild ones usually don’t want to be bothered. If they are in their own habitat, it is better to just observe from afar. And please don’t feed them, that is just a recipe for disaster!

#3 Protect yourself from bugs! – Those pesky little biters can be quite the annoyance, but we all know most bugs have a purpose on the planet, even if they are annoying to us. Take precautions and use protection like bug spray, bug repellent jewelry, or even special bug repellent clothing! If you do come in contact with anything like a tick, make sure you have the bite checked by a doctor.

#4 Fire Safety – We all know that we need fire while camping, but you need to be smart and safe about it. Never let the fire burn throughout the night, someone should always be able to maintain a safe fire area. Avoid the low hanging trees when building have fire and make sure children know how to be safe around a fire. We love those s’mores so let’s make sure we know how to enjoy making them safely.

#5 Know your plants – Just like the bugs, there are some plants that aren’t that pleasant to be around. Make sure you know what the bad ones look like: poison ivy, poison oak, and nightshade. Do your research before you’re out and about in the wilderness! Also it might help to know how to treat anyone who comes in contact with these plants.

There are tons of other tips that are useful when camping, or just being outside this summer. With that being said, this weekend Hickory Hollow is having our Summer Kick-off Weekend. There are fun activities planned like crafts, volleyball, a wilderness scavenger hunt, pool party, and an outdoor movie! We want to make sure everyone at Hickory Hollow has a fun and safe time this summer during all of our fun camping activities.

Please feel free to add any other tips or tricks that you have in the comments too!

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